The Blood Waltz

The Blood Waltz

“We share the same blood…and the same evil desires.”

Selena D’Agostina needed a vacation.  So when she received a mysterious invitation from England to meet long-lost relations at their family castle, it seemed just the ticket.

But nothing could have prepared her for what she would find there. Not only were her newfound relatives not what they seemed…it soon became clear they were not about to let her leave.

And perhaps the most frightening of all was her overwhelming attraction to the seductive, enigmatic Kieran Ramsey, who bore an eerie resemblance to a 400-year-old portrait that hung in the castle…a man of dark secrets, with an insatiable thirst for blood and a lust for Selena’s soul that would not be denied.

(c)2000 by Ria Dimitra

Cover art by Consuelo Parra

Model: EmeraldVenom-Stock.deviantart

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