A truly Black Friday

I lost one of my BFFs today.

Sweet Josh, a.k.a. Big Sexy, passed away this afternoon at 19 years of age, due to kidney failure. He was my son’s childhood pet and one of the sweetest, coolest cats ever. He is sorely missed.


We adopted Josh as a kitten when we lived in Nashville and my son was in first grade. Josh was the strong, silent type – he didn’t meow, rarely said anything, but his eyes and his body language spoke volumes, even when one of his eyes started to go bad. (His right eye – you can see in the photo at the top of this post that it doesn’t look right.)

Josh would beg at the table by standing on his hind legs and gently tapping my arm with his paw. Of course, I indulged him – as did my father when he came over to work on my house when we lived in Alabama. He would make a sandwich and share some of the sliced lunch meat with his “little lunch buddy.” After we moved away, sometimes when I spoke with him on the phone, he would ask, “How’s my little lunch buddy?” Josh also liked spaghetti and anything from Taco Bell.


Josh was a trooper – he moved with us from Tennessee, to Alabama, to Florida, to Pennsylvania, without much complaint (unlike Morticia, who complains about nearly everything). He was such a sweet little guy. I hope he has been reunited with his old friend Rufus, who passed away in 2009.


Farewell, sweet furry friend. I will hold you forever in my heart.