Sterling Library versus the Cathedral of Learning

I am not a student of architecture – except that I like to look at ornate old buildings, and I have a particular fondness for Gothic architecture – but my first thought, when I moved to Pittsburgh and saw the University of Pittsburgh’s “Cathedral of Learning” (yes, that is the actual name of it), I thought, Oh, look, it’s Sterling Library on steroids.

Sterling Library at Yale

The Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh

Inside Sterling – a cathedral of books.

Inside CoL – a large, dark space.

Inside Sterling – books! Lights! Places to sit and read!

The CoL has classrooms, some of which are decorated in the styles of various nationalities, but they are locked during the weekends. And I think it is only the classrooms on the first couple of floors. There are a LOT of classrooms in what is essentially a Gothic skyscraper.

Why don’t they make buildings like this any more?