The Visconti Devils is being re-released 14 February 2018 (which is both St. Valentine’s Day AND Ash Wednesday this year!) as a trade paperback from Aventine Press AND as an e-book from Amazon Kindle!

It will have the same fantastic cover art by Christine Griffin (see above) but will include a bonus at the end – a sneak preview of my new novel for 2018, Heaven’s Irregulars, which will be out around late March/early April.

Heaven’s Irregulars takes place 15 years after Devils, and is about Michael and Maggie’s son Gabriel. It will be my first fantasy/non-romance. Check back here for updates, including excerpts and first look at cover art!

I will be running giveaways on Goodreads for both books, and the lucky winners will also receive a pair of my handcrafted earrings from my “Immortal Romance” collection from my Etsy shop.

Check back here often – I will be posting updates on The Visconti Devils and a list of questions for book clubs!

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This is going to be an ass-kicking 2018!