Fiend Angelical

Fiend Angelical

He wanted immortality

Marco Visconti longed to become a powerful sorcerer, able to command the elements and wield incredible power. At the tender age of 15, he ran away from home and started down a dark, dangerous path to a life of crime and infamy. But one fateful night, running for his life, he got more more than he had bargained for…

She was waiting for Romeo

Kassie Antonescu thought her dream had come true when she met Marco, the sexy, charismatic lead singer of a new local rock band. She was ready to be swept off her feet by a man who was everything her mother had warned her about…except that her mother hadn’t warned her about vampires…

A love worth dying for

When a girl is this madly in love, she tends to overlook the little things…like the fact that he only sees her at night…he never eats…he casts no reflection in a mirror…and those wolf howls he does sound awfully convincing…

Everyone knows vampires aren’t real – or are they?

(c)2004 by Ria Dimitra

Cover art by Jayde Hilliard

Romantic Times (RT) Book Reviews 2005 Small Press Contemporary Paranormal Romance nominee

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