It’s getting closer! Release date is 14 February 2018! Note that this year that day is both St. Valentine’s day and Ash Wednesday! (I’m Byzantine, and we don’t have “Ash Wednesday” – it’s a Latin thing.)

Check out my “Media Room” for a Press Release, which is available as a .pdf you can download.

Also available now in the “Media Room” is a .pdf of book club questions for The Visconti Devils which you can download and print.

Book reviewer/bloggers, please contact me for an advance reading copy. Galleys should be available soon.

SELENA’S REQUIEM now available on Amazon Kindle!

Selena’s Requiem, with new cover art by Consuelo Parra, is now available on Amazon Kindle!

I now have all three of my vampire romances available as Kindle e-books. Next month, look for the re-release of The Visconti Devils!

And don’t forget to enter my giveaway on Goodreads for one of the few remaining paperback copies of Fiend Angelical, along with a pair of my handcrafted earrings (ends 31 January 2018). This will probably be my last Goodreads giveaway, as they have just changed their giveaways from being free to charging $119+ to run. I’ll be looking for other ways to run some new giveaways, so keep checking back here for updates.

THE BLOOD WALTZ now available on Amazon Kindle!

At last! The Blood Waltz is now available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle! With new cover art by Consuelo Parra which suits the book much better. The old cover was pretty cheesy – I remember at the time being thankful they didn’t give me some dorky-looking guy on the front. Now I get to choose my own cover artists. Just one of the perks of self-publishing!

Selena’s Requiem will follow shortly, also with a new cover. My goal is to have all my titles out in e-book format this year. I don’t care for the electronic format myself, but I understand a lot of people do. I much prefer curling up in a chair with a book with actual pages. Call me old-fashioned, but some things never go out of style.


The Visconti Devils is being re-released 14 February 2018 (which is both St. Valentine’s Day AND Ash Wednesday this year!) as a trade paperback from Aventine Press AND as an e-book from Amazon Kindle!

It will have the same fantastic cover art by Christine Griffin (see above) but will include a bonus at the end – a sneak preview of my new novel for 2018, Heaven’s Irregulars, which will be out around late March/early April.

Heaven’s Irregulars takes place 15 years after Devils, and is about Michael and Maggie’s son Gabriel. It will be my first fantasy/non-romance. Check back here for updates, including excerpts and first look at cover art!

I will be running giveaways on Goodreads for both books, and the lucky winners will also receive a pair of my handcrafted earrings from my “Immortal Romance” collection from my Etsy shop.

Check back here often – I will be posting updates on The Visconti Devils and a list of questions for book clubs!

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This is going to be an ass-kicking 2018!

Fiend Angelical now available as an ebook!

All right, I’m finally getting round to going digital – 2018 will be the year to see all my novels in ebook format! I’m starting a little early – it’s still 2017, after all – and releasing Fiend Angelical first. It’s available on Amazon.

I’ll be releasing the others in the coming months, so check back here for updates!

The Visconti Devils will be also be re-released, as both a trade paperback and ebook. Then look for my new novel this summer – Heaven’s Irregulars, the follow-up to The Visconti Devils. You heard it here first:

It’s been 15 years since Michael LeClaire defeated the Devil in a swordfight high above the rooftops of Milan. Since then, he’s been content to lead a quiet life in New Haven with his wife Maggie and their son Gabriel.

But Gabriel is no ordinary teen. When he saves a bus full of passengers in Aachen from a terrorist attack, he finds himself pursued by both sides in a new Crusade for the soul of Europe. Does he have what it takes to face down the Prince of Darkness?

Jewelry for the Hopeless Romantic

My new Etsy shop is open! Romantic earrings and brooches inspired by my books, and in plenty of time for the holidays (even Halloween!).

Each brooch or pair of earrings comes in a gift box, and I will even wrap it for free!

Visit my Etsy shop here:

You can also search for “Ria Dimitra” in Etsy’s search box.

Stay tuned for additional pieces coming soon, as I will be adding to my shop in the coming months.

Using the Force

“Luminous  beings are we – not this crude matter.” – Yoda

I’ve made it through chemo and radiation and surgery. Now I am, by the grace of God, cancer-free!

I feel kind of like Luke Skywalker during the battle over the Death Star – shutting off his computer to trust the Force to guide his torpedo into the shaft that will cause the explosive chain reaction to destroy the Death Star and save the day. So I am putting my trust in God to guide me from here. Who cares about those TIE fighters? On we go!

While convalescing from my surgery, I began work on a new novel – one that marks a new direction for me. I’m very excited about where this will take me. Watch this space for updates.


Meet Felix!

After Josh passed away, we adopted a new kitten – meet Felix, the craziest kitten ever! He makes me laugh, which is something I really need right now. I’ve never seen a kitten with so much energy!

He loves his cat tower and spends hours lying on it in the living room window, sleeping, chattering at birds or greeting his fans – I’ve heard at least three people walk by outside and call him “Pretty Kitty”!

Unfortunately, Morticia is not enamoured of him – she views his playful pranks as aggression. Why can’t we all just get along?

Can you believe this is the same cat as the first photo? My baby is already growing up!

BFF – Best Furry Friend!

Yet another demon

It seems I’ve been battling demons most of my life, so you’d think I’d developed a flair for it. Now, I have yet another demon to face – in January, I was diagnosed with Stage III uterine cancer. I spent Holy Week in the hospital, and it is not over yet.

It still seems sort of surreal. The moment you hear your doctor speak the words, “I’m afraid it’s cancer,” your whole world changes in the blink of an eye.

She said it’s curable, that hopefully it can all be removed – but who knows how much time we have? It has lent a certain urgency to the completion of my latest novel, which I had just started before receiving the diagnosis – a sequel to “The Visconti Devils.” It might be more accurate to call it a new adventure with some of the same characters. It takes place 15 years after the events of “Devils,” and the central character is Michael and Maggie’s son Gabriel.

Perhaps this novel will be my swan song, or perhaps I will be here many more years and write quite a few more. It’s in God’s hands, and you know what? I’m at peace with that.