Today’s weird day

Today’s weird day

Today is both Valentine’s Day for you lovers and Ash Wednesday for you Latins. Love and death locked in a strange embrace, which is why it is the official release date for The Visconti Devils! (In reality, the book is already out, and has been since late January.) Michael and Maggie make their trip to Milan during Carnevale, which this year would be right now…because in Milan, for some strange reason, Carnevale does not end with Ash Wednesday, but with the first Saturday of Lent! How can you be partying and doing penance at the same time?!

Amazon is having some issues with the paperback, which my publisher has been trying valiantly to correct. It is showing as only available from third-party sellers and on Kindle. So, if you are wanting a paperback copy, please either order it from one of the third-party sellers (and I have no idea who these people are) or from Barnes & Noble, which does not appear to be having any issues that I can see. It is also available as an e-book on both sites.

Next up: Heaven’s Irregulars, a new adventure starring Michael and Maggie’s son Gabriel. It’s a stand-alone story, and you don’t have to read The Visconti Devils first, but your enjoyment will probably be enhanced if you do. Or you could always go back and read it afterwards.

Psst…the prologue to Heaven’s Irregulars appears as a special “sneak preview” at the end of The Visconti Devils.

An aging warrior called out of retirement.

A gentle giant of extraordinary courage.

Eleven brothers seeking redemption.

Europe is in flames, presided over by an ancient evil bent on destruction, death and damnation.

Looks like a job for Heaven’s Irregulars.

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